Book and Play for Annual Users only

Albury Community Sports Hub offers this Book and Play service to all Annual Users free of charge (subject to Terms of Use).  If you are not an Annual User please consider purchasing or try our Pay and Play.  If you wish to book a timeslot, please Login (top right corner of the screen) or use a Booker App.  Use the arrows to scroll across to further bowls greens.

Please remember, when a Annual User plays with someone who has not joined, they must pay a Pay and Play fee.  Annual Users are not permitted to share the gate code with people who have not joined, doing so is a breach of our rules.  Albury Hub does not have it's own dedicated parking, please do not park in the Albury Gardens parking area which is for Albury Gardens residents only.

Children should not access the hub without being accompanied by a parent or carer.